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April 5, 2009 - Tech Coast Angels
We successfully launched the new web site look and feel modifying our original software. Working with a third party designer, we took the new web UI and incorporated it into their existing site and content management system.
March 21, 2009 - Harvard Business School Association of Orange County
Change requests successfully deployed to our original web application. Functionality to accomodate the yearly entreprenuer's conference, as well as changes neccessary to correct production outage situations caused by the hosting company changing servers.
March 15, 2009 - STS Frame Design
Employee and administrative interfaces successfully designed, developed, and deployed to facilitate field force automation. Employees will use this new interface in the field to design customer orders, calculate neccessary supplies, accept payments, and print receipts. The administrative interface allows store managers to supervise the items and orders for their particular geographic locations.

What can Software Banc do for you?

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Whether you are a fortune 1000 company with a specific back-end requirement, or a small business requiring a sophisticated website, Software Banc can provide a full range of solutions for all your technology needs. We pride ourselves on using the right tools and technologies to produce the best solution for your business needs.

After extensive experience providing clients with software solutions, we noticed several trends in the companies we've worked for that we believe we can improve upon. We have developed several propietary tools to generate up to 75% of the backend code for our clients (depending on the functionality desired). This provides our clients with 2 valuable benefits: a faster time to delivery, and it prevents them from having to pay for reinventing the wheel on their specific project. With us being able to generate most of the backend code, the client ends up spending less and allows us to focus on what we consider is the 2 most important aspects of software development: does the software do what you NEED it to do, and can your users use it.

All of our work is done with industry standard best practices in mind, to provide our clients with the highest quality solution possible to all their technology needs. This includes the code we generate for you. We can provide code samples upon agreement of mutual interest.

What we do:
Process and workflow analasys, to identify how software can best benefit your business.
Fully custom designed and created solutions.
Software integration and customization.
Technical expertiese and temporary staffing.
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